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registered charity no: 1146359
We are working very hard to ensure that Cliff House stands over Salcombe for another 100 years, to do this major renovation project, we need to fundraise; for this we need your help...
Help us restore Cliff House Salcombe

Over the last couple of years Cliff House Trust Ltd has undertaken an exciting programme of restoration and renovation to reposition the building within the town as a vibrant community centre, providing a range of facilities and services to ensure the continued future of the building.


A great deal has happened and with the help of some very hard workers, some amazing cash gifts and some loans, the work below has been completed:

  • The whole front elevation has been refurbished-balconies-windows-balustrades-external joinery-doors-stonework-render repairs. 
  • The Assembly Room has been completely renovated and restored to Edwardian elegance, complete with a digital cinema.
  • A new removable/flexible stage and gantry for use at community and private events is available.
  • The front terrace has a new brick and stone patio.
  • We have a new licensed function bar (very important).
  • The Reading room/Library has been totally refurbished.

Much of the above has been paid for, but we still need more support for on-going projects and continued  maintenance.


Residents of the town and visitors alike are invited to become Friends of Cliff House either by donating to the charity and/or volunteering their time and skills. Friends of Cliff House will be kept up to date on a regular basis and encouraged to stay involved.

Those donating £50 or more will receive an invitation to view the Salcombe Regatta fireworks from Cliff House. 


Our Mission Statement is

To make Cliff House a self-sustaining enterprise to ensure its use at the heart of the community as was originally intended.

To become a profitable business to ensure its maintenance and modernisation to accommodate modern requirements.

To continue to investigate all possible funding arrangements.

To attempt to provide a Bursary Fund for local charities once all remedial works have been completed.


Your support is vital to ensure the future of Cliff House Salcombe


Cliff House Trust Reg Charity No: 1146359




Cliff House, Cliff Road, Salcombe, TQ8 8JQ